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Trump nominee for state secretary grilled on EJKs in PHL
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 By Nimfa U. Rueda
LOS ANGELES — US Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson endured tough questioning about human rights – including extrajudicial killings (EJKs) in the Philippines – during his confirmation hearing in Washington earlier this week.
Sen. Marco Rubio grilled Tillerson, the outgoing ExxonMobil CEO nominated by Donald Trump to be the US Secretary of State, about his views on reported human rights violations in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.
Rubio asked Tillerson: “Since President Rodrigo Duterte took oath last June, The Los Angeles Times reports that roughly over 6,200 people have been killed in the Philippines by police and vigilantes in alleged drug raids. In your view, is it the right way to conduct an antidrug campaign?”
In response, Tillerson said the United States and the Philippines had a longstanding friendship and that it was important to keep that in perspective when engaging with the Philippines.
“They have been an ally. We have to ensure that they stay an ally,” he said.
Rubio replied: “That’s correct Mr. Tillerson, but my question is about the 6,200 that have been killed in these alleged drug raids. Do you believe that it is an appropriate way to conduct that operation, or do you believe that it is something that’s conducive to human rights violations (and) that we should be concerned about?”
Shortly after the hearing, Amnesty International USA criticized  Tillerson for not calling out governments, including the Duterte administration, for human rights violations.
“After a day of questioning, Tillerson’s commitment to human rights in the US and abroad is in serious question,” Amnesty International USA executive director Margaret Huang said in a statement.
“While he confirmed that US foreign policy should include the prioritization of human rights, he refused to acknowledge human rights abuses by known and long-recognized violators.
“It is extremely (disconcerting) that a nominee for Secretary of State would claim that governments in countries like Syria and the Philippines with clear patterns of documented violations are not considered human rights abusers,” Huang added.
She said Tillerson’s statements suggested that under his leadership the State Department would not pressure human rights violators “even in the face of overwhelming evidence.”
At the end of the hearing, Rubio indicated that Tillerson’s responses were troubling.
Rubio told Tillerson: “I asked you about whether Vladimir Putin was a war criminal, something that you declined to label him as. I asked about China, whether they were one of the worst human rights violators in the world, which again, you didn’t want to compare them to other countries. I asked about the killings in the Philippines. I asked about Saudi Arabia being a human rights violator, which you also declined to label them.”
Rubio said not taking a stand against human rights abuses had lead other countries to believe that “America cares about democracy and freedom as long as it’s not being violated by someone that they need for something else.”
“We need a secretary of state [who] will fight for these principles. That’s why I’m asking these questions,” said Rubio, one of those who ran against Donald Trump in the primaries to be the Republican presidential candidate.

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Duterte:  I never ordered cops to execute drug suspects
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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reiterates the huge problem of illegal drugs in the country is in his speech during the ‘Convergence of Nanay Volunteers as Community Drugwatch’ held at the Parade Grounds in Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga on December 22, 2016. (MNS photo)

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reiterates the huge problem of illegal drugs in the country is in his speech during the ‘Convergence of Nanay Volunteers as Community Drugwatch’ held at the Parade Grounds in Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga on December 22, 2016. (MNS photo)

DAVAO CITY, Dec 28 (Mabuhay) — President Duterte has categorically denied he ordered authorities to just shoot and kill drug suspects even as he dismissed criticisms that those who died outside of police operations were victims of extra-judicial killings.

“Did I tell you to kill? I did not. I never said you should kill drug pushers,” Duterte said in a speech before village officials here on Tuesday.

He said he told policemen to make sure they were not harmed by drug-crazed pushers.

“If they put up a fight, then shoot them. But those being shot at the back, those wrapped in plastic, that’s not ours,” he said, referring to victims who had been summarily executed and were dumped in public places.


He said in police operations, pushers were getting killed because they had put up a fight.


“I have been telling you (authorities) don’t let them (drug suspects) outsmart you,” the President said in Visayan.


It was not the first time that Duterte denied ordering authorities to just kill drug suspects, although he underscored the need for them to stay alive during anti-drug operations.


He also pledged to stand by policemen or soldiers, who would face charges in line with the performance of their duties.


“All those you are executing as I ordered, it’s on me. Mine and mine alone,” he earlier said.


Duterte said authorities should not fear about the prospects of being jailed.


“Don’t be afraid (because) you might be charged. I take solace from my statement. I am there for you,” he said.


“This is what I have to say: Do your duty. If you are ordered for an operation against shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) and you face charges, I will be there. In the fulfillment of duty or in performance of your mandate, you will have my support 100 percent. I will not allow you to go to jail. I will be jailed first,” he added.


During his speech here on Tuesday, the President, however, said big-time pushers need not put up a fight.


“I’ll just call a priest to administer the last rites,” Duterte said, adding that he could not tolerate drugs.


“Like what happened in San Juan. They were lucky I was not (there). If there was that big haul of shabu, I will really kill you,” he said in between expletives, referring to the arrest of six suspects during the December 23 raid by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on a clandestine shabu laboratory in San Juan.


Duterte said if he was there, the suspects would have been killed.


“Let’s not resort to drama. I, myself, will shoot them if nobody would shoot them,” he said as he repeated his line that shabu has been destroying the future of the country’s youth.


Duterte also hit the US and the Catholic Church anew, saying they were only good at criticizing him and that they have actually not helped in so far as the war on drugs was concerned.


He also blasted the US for its “hypocrisy” over illegal drugs, saying it was staunchly against drug trafficking if the safety of its citizens were concerned. He cited as example the US’ invasion of Panama between mid-December 1989 and late January 1990 because the Noriega government was supposedly tolerating the illegal drug trade


“Panama was the original drug supplier of the US, not Mexico,” he said. (MNS)

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Intelligent Clearance Sonar, a safety support technology for parking
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Pedal misapplication and vehicle reversing accidents in parking spaces have been significantly reduced by Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

Pedal misapplication and vehicle reversing accidents in parking spaces have been significantly reduced by Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

Pedal misapplication and vehicle reversing accidents in parking spaces have been significantly reduced

Toyota City, Japan, December 26, 2016 — Toyota Motor Corporation conducted a survey of accidents occurring in parking lots involving three models (the Alphard, the Vellfire, and the Prius) which have been equipped with the Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) system.

The survey was conducted during the 18-month period from January 2015 to June 2016 on the ICS?a system which helps to prevent or mitigate collision damage in parking spaces.

According to the survey of data concerning approximately 2,500 accidents from insurance companies that cover the policies for about 60,000 of these above mentioned vehicles, pedal misapplication accidents fell by approximately 70%, and accidents related to reversing have been reduced by approximately 40%.

ICS uses clearance sonar to detect obstacles during sudden start caused by pedal misapplication, which helps to mitigate damages caused by collision. The Alphard, Vellfire, and Prius which were launched in 2015 have been equipped with additional sensors and where the detection range has been increased.

This expands the total detection range, and the software has also been improved2.

This enables the ICS to help reduce collision damage caused by pedal misapplication, to support collision avoidance with adjacent vehicles and obstacles, as well as to mitigate damage when moving at low speed within a parking lot or pulling into a parking space even without pedal misapplication.

To contribute to the elimination of traffic fatalities and injuries?which is the ultimate goal of a society that values mobility, Toyota is striving forward with the development of safer vehicles and technologies based on its Integrated Safety Management Concept3, and is continuously undertaking measures to integrate people, cars, and the traffic environment.
1. The differences between vehicles with and without ICS were investigated, and confirmation was made such that the difference is significant with more than 90% probability.

  1. Vehicle series with the same type of ICS Allion, Alphard, Vellfire, Prius, Premio, Lexus RX
  2. An approach to optimal driver support in all stages through integration rather than considering each onboard safety technology and system individually


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The Lexus LC: A dynamic luxury coupe in every aspect
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The LC is a new flagship 2+2 performance coupe for Lexus’ global model range, not only showcasing the qualities of design, beauty, engineering and advanced technology that define it as a premium vehicle manufacturer, but also symbolizing its ambition as a luxury lifestyle brand. The Lexus LC will go on sale in the U.S. in Spring 2017.

The LC is a new flagship 2+2 performance coupe for Lexus’ global model range, not only showcasing the qualities of design, beauty, engineering and advanced technology that define it as a premium vehicle manufacturer, but also symbolizing its ambition as a luxury lifestyle brand. The Lexus LC will go on sale in the U.S. in Spring 2017.

December 08, 2016 – The introduction of the new LC performance coupe is a significant illustration of Lexus’ dedication to create cars with exciting, emotional designs and exhilarating performance.
In the space of just 27 years, Lexus has had a transformative effect on the world’s luxury car market. Engineering excellence has produced generations of powerful, responsive engines and transmissions, while its pioneering hybrid technology has taken efficiency and smoothness to ever higher levels. Cutting-edge design and a contemporary approach to luxury based on master craftsmanship traditions further emphasize its status as a world-class luxury vehicle manufacturer.
Now Lexus is building on its established strengths and evolving its reputation for vehicle development to explore new opportunities in design and technology that reshape its model range.
The change is being led from the top by Akio Toyoda, who in taking on the roles of Lexus’ Chief Branding Officer and master driver, has given the business more freedom, autonomy, and the confidence to be daring. With the benefit of dedicated resources, greater flexibility and quicker decision-making, Lexus has delivered a succession of vibrant new models that are changing the way it is perceived by both customers and the global automotive industry.
The striking NX crossover, the latest-generation RX, and the RC F and GS F performance models all demonstrate the great leap Lexus has made in crafting distinctive contemporary designs and delivering rewarding dynamic experiences—while retaining the luxury, quality, and attention to detail for which it has always been renowned.
The LC coupe takes this evolution to another level. Lexus has succeeded in turning its LF-LC concept into an uncompromised production car, in less than five years since its unveiling to huge critical and public acclaim. This feat has called for new ways of cooperation between the design and engineering teams throughout the development process.
Not only has Lexus delivered a design with high visual impact, it has also developed ground-breaking engineering and technology for the LC. The LC 500h features Lexus’ new Multi Stage Hybrid System, which offers enhanced performance across engine speeds, a more direct response to driver inputs, and a higher level of dynamic performance and driving pleasure – all while maintaining the smoothness and efficiency that are characteristic of Lexus hybrids.  The LC 500, powered by a normally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine, also marks a first in the premium car segment with its new Direct Shift 10-speed automatic transmission, featuring gear ratios spaced to achieve smooth, linear and rhythmical acceleration.
The LC is a new flagship 2+2 performance coupe for Lexus’ global model range, not only showcasing the qualities of design, beauty, engineering and advanced technology that define it as a premium vehicle manufacturer, but also symbolizing its ambition as a luxury lifestyle brand. The Lexus LC will go on sale in the U.S. in Spring 2017.
The LC isn’t simply a car that looks good. It has been engineered in every dimension to deliver a very special driving experience. “Even sharper and more refined” were the constant watchwords as Lexus honed every aspect of the car’s performance, ride and handling. It is a contemporary interpretation of the finest traditions of the grand tourer, a coupe focused on the road, not the track. Its handling, responsiveness and comfort have been tuned to deliver a rewarding and hugely enjoyable experience.
The LC 500h marks a new step in the development of hybrid technology; it is the first model to benefit from Lexus’ Multi Stage Hybrid system. Adding a multi stage shift device to the 3.5-liter V6 hybrid powertrain helps transform the driving experience, witnessed in greater torque, more usable power across a wider range of engine speeds and rhythmic, linear acceleration that gives the driver the sensation of working with a 10-speed automatic gearbox. Moreover, these qualities are delivered with all the smoothness and efficiency for which Lexus Hybrid Drive is renowned.
The LC 500 is powered by the latest development of Lexus’ normally aspirated V8 gasoline engine, tuned to deliver 471 hp, with improved acceleration feel to the driver and the kind of engine note that only eight cylinders can deliver. This unit is matched to the aforementioned 10-speed direct shift automatic to offer a genuinely rewarding driving experience.

Distinctive LC design based on award-winning LF-LC Concept car

Avant-garde styling achieved through unprecedented level of cooperation between Lexus’ design and engineering teams

Fluid interpretation of Lexus’ “seduction and technology” design theme

Luxury 2+2 coupe proportions, with authentic front engine/rear drive design characterized by low hood and roof lines and aerodynamically efficient surfacing
The LC’s exterior design is immediately recognizable as being a masterful reinterpretation of the styling of the LF-LC concept, winner of an EyesOn Design award when first revealed at the 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.
Making the show car’s styling a practical proposition for a full production car required a new way of working at Lexus, bringing the engineering and design teams together with an unprecedented degree of cooperation to achieve the desired results, with hard work fueled by a shared desire to make the LC a success, without compromise. At the same time as the challenge of the exterior design was taken, a new cabin was created, combining a driver-focused cockpit with an open and welcoming space for passengers.
The success of this team was proven when the LC won two additional EyesOn Design awards when it was revealed at the 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).
An unprecedented design challenge
The unveiling of the LC coupe at the 2016 NAIAS revealed that Lexus had carried forward the promise of the LF-LC concept, producing a dynamic coupe with an exterior design that is radical yet elegant, with commanding visual impact.
The delivery of such uncompromised styling was at the heart of the project led by Chief Engineer, Koji Sato, and Chief Designer, Tadao Mori. Their work was inspired by the hugely positive media and public reception for the LF-LC and the personal support of Akio Toyoda, who saw the concept as a route to introducing more emotion into the Lexus brand.
Translating the styling of the 2012 LF-LC concept into a viable production model was a complex challenge, considered by Sato as the greatest Lexus had undertaken since the development of the original LS. Its successful achievement called for new ways of collaboration between the engineering and design teams right from the start.
Sato explains: “While maximizing the fundamental taste of the LF-LC, we applied completely different specifications to create a design that goes beyond the concept—a design that will captivate you as soon as you see it. In my view, pursuing beautiful design and elaborating great performance is very similar. Beauty is the identity of Lexus’ design. Every feature on the LC is the result of an integrated approach to design and engineering. All the teams worked together—engineers and designers alike. This is why we have been able to create such a great car.”
New Global Architecture – Luxury platform
The desire was to preserve the LF-LC’s defining low roof and hood lines, while ensuring the packaging allowed the LC to match the concept in accommodating a sport suspension and 21-inch forged alloy wheels. At the same time, all powertrain, chassis and safety components had to be housed and comfortable headroom had to be provided in the cabin. The teams had the benefit of working on a completely new GA-L (Global Architecture – Luxury) platform, designed for new generations of front engine/rear-wheel drive Lexus models.
As an example of the teams’ commitment to success, the front suspension components went through six months of re-working the multilink suspension control arm geometry until the required low hood line was achieved, without compromising suspension performance. Other clever solutions were developed, such as the new ultra-slim LED headlight unit design, which allowed the LC to retain exceptionally short front overhangs.
The LC displays performance coupe proportions with an exterior design that projects an avant-garde elegance, remaining faithful to many of the defining features of the LF-LC concept car that inspired it. The design wraps the car in a glamorous body that represents an evocative and fluid interpretation of Lexus’ “seduction and technology” design theme.
Athletic profile
The coupe’s athletic profile is characterized by its sweeping roofline, which tapers rearward from above the centrally positioned cabin to create a distinctive silhouette. Chrome-plated moldings along the side of the glass roof amplify the elegant coupe profile, their rear edges shaped to echo the lines of a traditional Japanese sword.  The blacked-out finish to the roof and rear pillars creates a floating effect that visually separates the roof from the rear spoiler.
The LC’s appearance can be made even more dynamic with the addition of an optional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic composite roof and active rear spoiler.
The LC has a 2,870mm  (112.99 in.) wheelbase and—in a direct reference to the styling of the LF-LC— very compact overhangs (920mm/36.22 in. front, 970mm/38.19 in. rear) and a notably low hood line.
The prominent front and rear spoilers flare away from the center of the car, housing wide, large-diameter wheels, while the door panels are pulled inwards, creating a powerful three-dimensional form that mirrors the spindle shape of the Lexus grille.
The LC can be outfitted with 20-inch cast aluminum or available 20 and 21-inch forged aluminum alloy wheels.


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OVP: Robredo in US with family, monitoring relief ops
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(From left) Vice President and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council Secretary Maria Leonor V. Robredo, Cabinet Secretary Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., Executive Secretary Salvador C. Medialdea, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Perfecto R. Yasay, Jr., and Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II, attend the Cabinet Orientation Workshop at the Premier Guest House in Malacañan Palace on July 11,Monday. (MNS photo)

(From left) Vice President and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council Secretary Maria Leonor V. Robredo, Cabinet Secretary Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., Executive Secretary Salvador C. Medialdea, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Perfecto R. Yasay, Jr., and Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II, attend the Cabinet Orientation Workshop at the Premier Guest House in Malacañan Palace on July 11,Monday. (MNS photo)


MANILA, Dec 26 (Mabuhay) – The Office of the Vice President has confirmed that Vice President Leni Robredo went to the United States over the holidays for a family reunion.

Robredo’s spokesperson Georgina Hernandez made the remark in a statement after some netizens criticized the Vice President for being in the US while Typhoon Nina wreaked havoc in the Bicol region over the weekend.

“The Vice President travelled for a family reunion to the United States for the break, which was planned more than a year ago,” Hernandez said in a statement on Monday.

“She will be going home to Naga as soon as she arrives,” Hernandez added.

However, no date has been given as regards her return.

Robredo is a former congresswoman representing Camarines Sur.

Mocha Uson, a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, and several other netizens lashed out at the Vice President for her absence as Typhoon Nina crossed the Bicol region on Sunday.

Hernandez said Robredo had been monitoring and directing the OVP “to work with regional officials and agencies in setting up local relief centers for immediate emergency response on the ground.”

“The OVP is also coordinating with the Angat Buhay partners and other private sector groups in Manila for donations, both food and non-food items that can be transported and deployed to Bicol,” Hernandez said.

The OVP on Monday launched “Task Force Tindog Bikol,” for coordination of relief operations in Metro Manila and Naga City, Robredo’s hometown.

Robredo on Sunday night said they would be setting up a relief operations center on Monday at her former district office at the Naga City Hall compound.

The OVP on Monday called on the public to help those who were affected by Typhoon Nina.

“While we have faith in the resilience of our people, we still call on the Filipino public to help out in the on going relief efforts of all agencies and private sector partners to alleviate suffering in typhoon-hit areas during this very special time of the year,” the statement read.

“In the spirit of Christmas, let us give hope to many of our brothers and sisters and enable them to bounce back faster from this latest trial in their lives,” it added. (MNS)

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Sneak peek to the 128th  Rose Parade
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Photo by Abner Galino

By Abner Galino

On Christmas Eve, Weekend Balita/US Asian Post went to the “decorating places” around the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena where some of the floats for the 2017 Rose Parade were being built. Well, that was not a very smart idea. We didn’t get the memo that has been posted everywhere all along: Christmas Eve.

It turned out that we were two days ahead of the official start of floats decorating activities in that place. So, except for a couple of security people manning the “decorating places and expo village,” there were no volunteers available for the intended interviews.

But the jaunt was not entirely useless. We got fortunate to get a sneak peek into probably one of the biggest floats that would join the 92 floats, marching bands, equestrian units that will form part of the 128th Rose Parade.

Photography was not allowed inside the working area so we had to take our shots from the roadside. And the shots were taken just in time as a towering replica of a young, eyeglasses-wearing giraffe was being lowered, apparently so it could fit inside the tent where the volunteers would later continue building it on Tuesday (December 27).

By the way, the Filipino-American community has something to look forward to in the 2017 Rose Parade, particularly the first-ever inclusion of the U.S Army’s 26th Cavalry Regiment, otherwise known as the Philippine Scouts. The riders are current or retired military or descendants of the original group of veterans. There will be American quarter horses and Arabians. The scouts will be wearing World War II-style U.S. cavalry uniforms which are khaki-colored riding breeches and green campaign hats.

Philippines became an American protectorate after the Spanish-American War. The Philippine Scouts was formed in under the leadership of American military officers. They fought fiercely and bravely during enemy occupation in World War II.

In a press statement recently to Weekend Balita/US Asian Post, the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society, through its membership chair Gil Mislang, said: “This will be the first time that a historical Filipino and American U.S. Army Unit, the Philippine Scouts, will be featured and this unique World War II Unit will be represented in the parade by the Los Angeles-based living history group named the 26th Cavalry CMU comprised of equestrians residing in California.”


Photo By Abner Galino

On April 5, 1989, former Philippine Scout officers John Olson, Lloyd Mills and General Royal Reynolds and Rhode Island State Senator John Patterson, nephew of a deceased Scout, founded the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society. The Society’s mission is to help preserve the history and legacy of those outstanding soldiers.

“The Philippine Scouts Cavalry and its affiliate, the Lt. Alexander Nininger Living History Company (LHC), fit right into this year’s Tournament of Roses theme ‘Echoes of Success.’ They represent military units of ‘America’s Greatest Generation’ and the success they had in defeating the problems and tribulations of their time,” the organization added.

The Philippine Scouts will also participate in the Equestfest on December 29 at the L.A. Equestrian Center in Burbank.

At Equestfest, the 26th Cavalry CMU and Lt. Alexander Nininger LHC will be dressed in vintage World War II period U.S. Army Philippine Scouts Cavalry and Infantry uniforms and field gear; and the horses will be adorned in WW II period style horse tack, saddles, stirrups, saddle bags, blanket and bed rolls.

“The Living History Units will also exhibit Philippine Scouts history through uniformed living historians and display period artifacts of field equipment, medals, uniforms, memorabilia weaponry, posters, pictures and books on the subject of the U.S. Army’s Philippine Scouts,” Mislang disclosed.

As a special feature, several descendants of World War II Filipino 26th Cavalry Troopers will present first hand experiences of their surviving relatives who were on the front lines in battles in Pangasinan, Pampanga and Bataan.

The exhibits will also feature books from various writers about the Philippine Scouts, with several of them giving an account of the “last organized charge of a U.S. Cavalry unit against an enemy.” The battle was led by Lt. Edwin Ramsey a decorated war hero who lived in Los Angeles.

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PAL flies high through year 2016
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Allan Q. Coo, PAL regional manager for North America, International

Allan Q. Coo, PAL regional manager for North America, International

By Abner Galino and Joy Marino

With barely two weeks left in year 2016, Philippine Air Lines (PAL) is set to claim another robust year into its storied corporate journey.

Allan Q. Coo, PAL regional manager for North America, enumerated the headways that the Philippine flag carrier has achieved throughout the year 2016, chief of them: acquiring two more Boeing 777s.

“The first one – RP7778 – was added to our fleet during the last week of October and just 2 days ago, we received our 8th 777 and will be ready to be added to our roster this December operating the trans-pacific routes,” Coo announced during the annual PAL Christmas party held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles last December 16.

Coo also announced the new PAL routes: Manila to Saipan, Taipei to Osaka, non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Cebu; the Singapore to Cebu route and Cebu to Caticlan and Cebu to Clark via Caticlan (started on December 16.

The new local routes were meant to support the growth Cebu, which PAL consider as itssecond hub, according to Coo.

“We have also strengthened our flight connections to and from Cebu to better serve our countrymen from Southern Philippines.”

The airline executive as took pride in PAL’s twice daily, non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Manila that started last Thursday (Dec 8).

“This gives our passengers a choice of leaving during the day or our regular evening flights. Both flights are operated by a Boeing 777,” Coo pointed out.

Maria Theresa Garces with team.

Maria Theresa Garces with team.

In Canada, PAL recently added two “turnaround flights to Vancouver (PR116/117) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Toronto also received an additional flight to Manila on Saturdays which started last Saturday Dec 10.

“This gives PAL 10 weekly NON-STOP flights from Vancouver to Manila and 4 times a week service from Toronto to Manila via Vancouver,” Coo added.

Philippine Airlines is celebrating her 75thAnniversary. PAL’s new tagline “Heart of the Filipino” embodies its dedication to service and make Philippine Airlines a 5-Star carrier.

“We are all looking forward to the New Year and years to come as we take on more deliveries, the Airbus 350s in 2018 and 12 Bombardier Q400s. Upgrading our aircrafts, routes and air service for the traveling public,” Coo disclosed.

Ma. Theresa Garces, PAL Los Angeles manager, seconded Coo’s outlook and thanked the travel agents, the media and, foremost, the passengers who choose the services of the Philippine flag carrier on all of their trips.

“We are so grateful to you. Your patronage and friendships made these all happen. On behalf of the staff and management of Philippine Airlines, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year,” said Garces as she closed another well-attended 2016 PAL Christmas party in Los Angeles.

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