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Former President Cory Aquino, ‘People Power’ icon dies at 76
Posted in Headline, Pinas Now! on 1 August 2009

Today August 1st, we mourn the loss of an icon in Philippine history… To the world, she is the widow in yellow who toppled a dictatorship in a stirring show of People Power in 1986. To her native Philippines, she is the courageous president who saw off a series of coups d’etat and single-mindedly restored the institutions of democracy.

The Top 10 Irritating Pinoy Expressions by Butch Dalisay
Posted in Headline, viral emails on 23 January 2009

LAST NOVEMBER, the folks at Oxford University came out with a list of “top ten irritating expressions” in the English language, by which I suppose they meant the English language as it’s employed in their corner of the English-speaking world, and not necessarily in what used to be the backwaters of the Bard’s dominion, in places like India and the Philippines. “Irritating” is, of course, a matter of cultural and personal predisposition.

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon
Posted in Headline, Tatay Pepe's, The Crew on 24 December 2008

From our home to yours, from one website to another, from the staff of Tatay Pepe’s Restobar in General Santos City, Philippines- all the best this Holiday Season and a prosperous 2009 to us all… *Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon (Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year)! Here’s a short Christmas Joke we found […]

Wake Up Philippines, the World Economy is Falling Apart! Time to do Your Own Laundry!
Posted in Headline, Pinas Now!, Viewpoint on 15 November 2008

The current global economic crisis is a chain of events, primarily blamed on man’s dependency on foreign oil and the manufacturing companies’ dependency on petroleum for food production. Couple it with the mismanagement of creditors to lend money to people and businesses living beyond their means, which leads to more debts and not making enough money to pay the debts. In the end, all these contribute to foreclosures, bankruptcies, unemployment, high oil prices, high food prices, world wide inflation, and global crash or recession not necessarily in that order.

Tatay Pepe’s is 7 Years Old Today!
Posted in Announcement, Headline, Tatay Pepe's, The Buzz on 10 September 2008

September 10, 2008 marks the 7th anniversary of Tatay Pepe’s Restobar.

If you’re in General Santos City, stop by tonight!! Jaz, my bestfriend and business partner is giving away lotsa goodies from where I am (US)… bottle openers, Keychains, post-it notes, pencils, luggage tags, T-shirts- all personalized!

Come by the bar and have fun celebrating with us!!

Saving Mindanao… and the Nation
Posted in Headline, Pinas Now!, Viewpoint on 23 August 2008

Another great take on the ongoing crisis in Mindanao and the current political situation of the Philippines in the hands of Gloria Arroyo. These are sad times for the Philippines. Just when you think things are slightly looking up, a glimpse of hope appears- it is shattered by developments such as the issue in Mindanao.

At these trying times, we can’t help but call on divine intervention. There seems to be no way to resolve this. Only He can lead the way. We need a miracle! We need it now…

Mindanao Blackmail
Posted in Headline, Pinas Now!, Viewpoint on 4 August 2008

This article was forwarded by email just yesterday and we felt compelled to republish it because it concerns us, the Mindanaoans. We didn’t want to discuss Politics on this blog but from time to time, we see the need to and this write-up must be read by as many people as possible…

A somewhat difficult and long read, Mindano Blackmail is an eye-opener and refresher to what has been happening to Mindanao of late, specifically with the Bangsamoro (Moroland) led by the Muslim separatist rebel group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

In gist, the Philippine government just concluded the six-year old dialogue with the MILF on July 18, 2008; And again, reaching an agreement with the group by according them the power and control of an additional 712 villages in the island of Mindanao! As if their existing coverage in Mindanao isn’t big enough!! This furthers MILF’s political and economic powers even more! How did this happen? You have to read the article…

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