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Even More Irritating Pinoy Expressions by Butch Dalisay
Posted in Featured, viral emails on 23 January 2009

1. Actually, basically, honestly, as a matter of fact. Favorite opening lines, no matter what follows.

The Overseas Class by Richard C. Paddock
Posted in Featured, Pinas Now! on 15 July 2008

Millions working abroad help their nation get by, but not prosper. It’s a life of lonely, risky sacrifice.

Top 10 Reasons Why There Couldn’t Be a Filipino-American US President
Posted in Featured, Pinoy Jokes, viral emails on 8 July 2008

Filipinos are certainly getting into mainstream America and into the world. We ‘made it’ to the David Letterman Show!

Why The Filipinos Are Special
Posted in Featured, Proud to be on 2 July 2008

This is for every Filipino who embrace who they are and strive to maintain their Filipino identity…

Seven and Counting
Posted in Featured on 1 July 2008

Looking back, Tatay Pepe’s is so much thankful for what it has achieved these past seven years…

The Tatay Pepe’s Concept
Posted in Featured on 1 July 2008

general santos city, has been dubbed the “boomtown city of the south.” it is today, a thriving city full of opportunities and endless possibilities.

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